[Translations - Mag] Sho - Myojo 2001.10

Let's ask Sakurai Sho!

A regular student and a very loving son and brother - Sakurai Sho shares his thoughts about family and school life. When asked, he'd reply after a pausing for a few seconds but whatever he says afterwards always makes sense.

Q1 I've become a bit rebellious lately and I've stopped playing with my brother and sister. If I stayed this way, a gap might develop between us. What should I do?
A1 There was a time when I also felt that way. But don't worry. Your family will always be there for you no matter what. Our family? We get along well. Just the other day, we went out to eat at an Italian restaurant.

Q2 Is it true that you fixed your sister's computer? Cool!
A2 No it's not. I just made the kana input romaji. It's not really that hard.

Q3 When did you get that piercing? It must've hurt!
A3 June. It was before the baseball match I think. I was on anesthesia so I didn't feel anything at all.

Q4 Is it true that your brother calls you "Sho-san"?
TN: The suffix "san" is rarely or never attached to a family member's name when referring to a member of their own family. For me, attaching "san" would lessen the level of intimacy because the suffix adds formality and sometimes implies superiority.
A4 It's really "Sho-chan". But he can't pronounce "chan" correctly so it comes out as "san". We're not that kind of family either. I hope you won't misinterpret this.

Q5 What word do you say all the time?
A5 "Buttonderu". It means "Cool!". Like when I see a funny guy I'd say "That guy's buttonderu!".

Q6 Since when did you become a rapper? Don't tell me you were born saying "Check it out!".
A6 I was already a rapper even before I was born. I was kicking in my mom's tummy while saying "Yo! In the house!"... No. Seriously, I became one only when I became a member of Arashi.

Q7 I'm a second year middle high school student and I'm currently having a hard time juggling my studies and club activities. How do you think should I manage my time?
A7 I think it's impossible to do those 2 things everyday. How about concentrating on your studies before your exams and then concentrate on your club activities only when you don't have any upcoming tests? I also bring my textbooks to work but I can't study while working so I just focus real hard during exam week.

Q8 I find it hard to follow your rap's rhythm. Any suggestions on how I can rap like you?
A8 During recording, I follow a beat they call "Click". But if you want to rap my part, you don't have to rap it the way I do. You'll enjoy it more if you did it your way.

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