[Translations - Mag] Ohno - Myojo 2010.08

5x100 Interview

1. What time did you sleep last night?

- Can't remember... around 3 AM I guess?

2. What time did you wake up this morning?
- Woke up at 9 and fell asleep again til 10. But I fell asleep again so I got up at around 11. (haha)

3. What was the first thing you did after waking up?
- Took a bath

4. How long did you prepare before leaving the house?
- 50 minutes. I still had 2 hours of free time.

5. What did you have for breakfast?
- The food they served a while ago.

6. How much cash do you have on you right now?
- (Take out wallet) I have 10,20... 80,000 yen! (approx. $967)
**woah! That's a lot of money!

7. What are you wearing today?
- Checkered shirt, shorts, sandals. I often use this shirt but I didn't know it was reversible until my stylist told me. It's my first time wearing the other side out today.

8. What do you have inside your bag?
- I don't have a bag. I just brought my wallet and my phone.

9. How will you describe your mood today using weather terms?
- Cloudy. That's how I've always been.

10. What's the last thing you bought?
- (American Comic character inspired) wallet. Liked it cuz it looks a little stupid. (haha)

11. What made you laugh lately?
- I laugh everyday.

12. What made you cry lately?
- Had to cry for a scene in "Kaibutsu-kun".

13. What is the most annoying thing you have experienced lately?
- None

14. The most shocking thing lately?
- Eating with Yoshimoto Nara-san (Japanese artist)

15. Last thing that made your heart flutter?
- None

16. The most exhilirating thing that's happened to you lately?
- Playing badminton

17. The most depressing thing that's happened to you lately?
- None

18. What's been bothering you lately?
- None

19. Most recent mistake
- None.

20. Most recent news that caught your attention
- The growing number of murder cases
**woah! hahaha ojichanppoi! Sounds like an old man.^_^ **

21. Most recent home appliance that caught your attention
- None

22. Most recent picture you took with your cellphone
- A picture with Yoshitomo-san

23. Aside from calls and e-mails, what other cellphone functions do you usually use?
- Checking the blogs of people I know.

24. What cellphone strap do you have on your phone?
- It's a tuna strap

25. The thing that you want most
- A long vacation

26. The person you want to meet the most
- I'd rather meet a fish. Mr. Sea Bass perhaps.
** hahahaha. Ohno's gotten a bit obsessed with fishing. But I guess it's good. He already has something to do once he retires. **

27. Place where you want to go the most
- Okinawa!

28. What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word "summer"?
- Sea!

29. Do you love summer?
- My favorite!

30. Beach person? Pool person?
- Pool person. You just said "huh!?" didn't you? You just thought "Pool person!?" didn't you?
** haha of course! We all know that you love the sea. **

31. Favorite treat during the summer?
- Candied apricot on a large block of ice. Sounds good!

32. What's your favorite shaved ice flavor?
- Melon

33. Are you the type who finishes his summer homework right away?
- I intend to... (haha)

34. What was your favorite game when you were still a kid?
- The horizontal bar, glider...

35. If you were to do a part-time job, what would it be?
- I want to work in a convenience store. But I think I can't do it.

36. If you had super powers, what would it be?
- The power to freeze time

37. What do they call you at home?
- Satoshi

38. What type of women do you like?
- I don't know

39. Do you want to meet up with your girlfriend everyday?
- It's okay not to meet up everyday

40. Do you want to hear from her everyday?
- Whichever

41. Text or call?
- Whichever

42. Do you prefer to go out or just stay home with your girlfriend?
- Go out.

43. Do you act differently when you fall in love?
- My feelings will definitely change but everything else stays the same.

44. What's the most important thing when it comes to romance?
- Excitement

45. What will you do for the person you like?
- Can't think of a particular thing.

46. Do you care about the past relationships of the person you like?
- No I don't.

47. Have you had your heart broken?
- Yes.

48. What happens when you get your heart broken?
- I'd feel down

49. What conditions do you have for your future wife?
- None. I'm not that particular about it.

50. What will you say to propose to the girl you love?
- "Wanna try marrying me?"

51. How many kids do you want to have?
- 2

52. What name will you give your children?
- That's a tough one... Osu and Mesu (haha). Doesn't Ohno Danshi sound cool?!

53. What defines a man?
- Sticking to his heart
** The phrase used can also be translated to "piercing through one's core"... I'm not so sure about my interpretation. **

54. What defines a woman?
- Finesse

55. Disregarding gender, what kind of person do you want to be friends with?
- Someone who's fun to be with

56. Disregarding gender, what kind of person do you not want to be friends with?
- An insensitive person

57. If you could trade places with another member of Arashi, who would it be?
- Sho. I wanna do the news one time.
** or I want to read the news one time **

58. What do you do when your friends ask you to sing Arashi songs in the karaoke?
- I don't want to! (haha)
** This was the answer I was waiting for. hahahah. All the other members said yes. **

59. Sho's amazing for...
- doing the news

60. Aiba's amazing for...
- his ability to make miracles happen.

61. Nino's amazing for...
- the long hours he spends on playing games

62. Jun's amazing for...
- big appetite

63. Ohno's amazing for...
- how often I go fishing

64. How will you describe Japan to foreigners?
- Our songs and dances are one of a kind. It covers quite a wide range.

65. Favorite word
- "Saikou!" (The best!)

66. It makes you happy when you hear it.
- "You're kinda good"

67. Favorite color
- Blue
** Cuz it's the color of the sea? lol **

68. Why?
- It's relaxing

69. Favorite season
- Summer

70. Why?
- Cuz it's warm

71. Favorite scent
- The smell of warm water in the tub

72. Favorite sound
- The sound you hear when you ride a bike on a gravel path.

73. Favorite bento side dish
- Meatballs

74. Best impersonation
- Tanaka Kunie-san from "Kita no Kuni Kara"

75. Phrase you say often
- "Aa..."
** Yeah! I hear that quite often!

76. Collection
- Kaibutsu-kun's ears.

77. Most precious possession
- Memories... Cool! (haha)
** Praises himself! hahaha **

78. Weakness
- When someone touches my thighs

79. Who has the greatest influence on you?
- Bruce Lee

80. First thing you look at when you meet someone for the first time
- Face

81. What house rules do you have at home?
- Not to burden other people

82. Favorite animal
- Chimpanzee

83. What's your greatest weapon?
- None

84. What do people think of you?
- That I'm weird

85. What would you do if you were Prime Minister?
- I won't be. I don't want to be PM.

86. How many hours should there be in a day?
- 24 hours is fine.

87. What does being an "adult" mean?
- It means that you've learned a lot and experiened a lot

88. When will/did you consider yourself as an adult?
- I'm still a kid.
** I don't blame him. I still feel like a kid too. He's just 3 years older than me. ^_^ **

89. What does "Arashi" mean for you?
- My treasure

90. Where do you usually stay when you're at home?
- On the sofa

91. At home, do you walk barefoot, wearing socks, or wearing slippers?
- Barefoot

92. What do you do when you're depressed?
- Nothing. I just want to be alone.

93. What will you do when you get home?
- Read the script for Kaibutsu-kun

94. What's the most indispensable thing in your life right now?
- Alone time

95. What's missing in your life right now?
- I'm satisfied with my life.

96. What do you wear when you sleep?
- Shirt and shorts

97. If you only had 3 days left before the end of the world, what will you do?
- I'll go fishing in Okinawa.

98. What will you say to your 10-years-after self?
- "Good job!"

99. What's your dream?
- 4 consecutive days of vacation
** sounds wonderful! **

100. Your last words please.
- Myojo's the best!!!

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