[Translation - Blog] Kanou Eiko: Guesting at HnA

Himitsu no Arashi-chan

We just finished filming for

Arashi's show "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" (^O^)

Look at the title of my post

Sorry to those who were expecting to see Arashi's picture (・_・;)

In the picture are the other guests:

Himura-san of Bananaman

Iwao-san of Football Hour

Yama-chan of Nankai Candies

Konno-san of King of Comedy

and me...

and we're called the "Motenai Gundan"!
TN: Motenai Gundan = Army of Losers

our team

and the "Arashi Army"

will be going against each other!!

It's next month's new corner.

Please look forward to it!

It's a very funny segment!

Here for the whole post in Japanese

Hmmm! Seems interesting!!! I love Kano Eikou! And I love it when Arashi does things with comedians! ^_^

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