[Translations - Mag] Ohno - Myojo 2001.10

Let's ask Ohno!
"I'm the leader alright, but I don't do anything." Ohno humbly says all the time. But every time he gives an advice to his groupmates, he'd warmly respond starting with the phrase "If it was me, I'd...". Without a doubt, he is Arashi's reliable leader!

Q1 Have you ever gotten angry at anyone?
A1 Nope. I've never yelled at anyone either. If there's something I don't like, I settle it by myself before I get angry.
** He's still like that!!! There's this corner in Arashi ni Shiyagare where they air out their concerns and their guests help them out by giving them pieces of advice. Ohno's problems were always about how he gets irritated by Jun's way of rubbing his chopsticks together and the way Jun steals his seat in the dressing room but he just can't scold the younger guy. LOL **

Q2 What happened to "Half and Left"? Aren't you guys going to release a CD?
*Half and Left = unit consisting of Ohno and Nino. I guess that's the earlier version of Ohmiya. **
A2 The unit's not active anymore. So we're not going to release any CDs. I totally forgot about it. I just remembered when you asked (LOL). I guess it's time for Nino and I to team up again.

Q3 What happened to "Ohno's Tsukkomeday"?
A3 The last time I made a wise crack was on the 6th. So I decided to make the 6th of every month "Ohno's Tsukkomeday" but... I wasn't able to do it again.

Q4 Why do you dance so good? What's your secret?
A4 Of course, I practice. But watching other dancers is also very helpful. I study by watching videos.

Q5 My stomach's always grumbling and I'm worried that it'll be a huge problem during the exams. Do you know any solutions to that?
A5 I have experienced that. My stomach grumbled in the middle of an exam. I was like "Ugh... what should I do if they think I farted!?". I know exactly how you feel! Why not train your abdominal muscles? Or go to the hospital?

Q6 Is it true that Arashi's breaking up?
A6 It's my first time hearing about it! What should I do if we break up!? Tell me!

Q7 You're always quiet. Do you find talking that tiresome?
A7 No it's not because of that! I'm just a good listener. That's why.

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