[ET - MAG] Aiba - 2011 Chiba Walker (Winter)

Magazine: Chiba Walker
Date: Winter, 2011
Language: English

Aiba Masaki's star shines bright in various fields like singing, TV dramas. commercials, and variety shows. He's been co-hosting "Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen" for 7 years now.
AIBA: I've been surrounded by animals even before I started doing the show. We have a dog at home. When I was small, we'd often go to Safari parks. I fell in love with the chameleon when we featured one in the show. It looks so cute especially when it sticks its tongue out to catch food. I used to hate reptiles but now I've grown fond of them. (^_^)

Animals can help relieve stress don't you think?
AIBA: True. Every time I feel their warmth, I realize that 'this is alive'. I'm taking care of something that has life. You don't take care of pets just because you find them cute right? You have to be ready for it. People also grow when taking care of plants and animals because of the responsibility that comes with it. I'd like to raise a big dog some day.

But you can't take care of a pet here in Tokyo right?
AIBA: Yeah cuz I live alone. But we have a dog in Chiba that's about 13 years old now. He still recognizes me every time I go there. If I have some free time, I take him out for a walk. I love animals, but I love Chiba too. I'm a true blue Chiba native. Nobody's forcing me to do so but I'll always do my best to represent Chiba.

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