[Translations - Mag] Ohno - Only Star 2009.07 [ENGLISH]

Magazine: Only Star 
Date of Interview: 2009.07.27 
Interviewee: Ohno Satoshi 
Language: Tagalog 

Q: If you could swap bodies with Nino for an hour, what would you do with his body?
A: Okay, what to do huh? I'd ride a boat and set out to fish. I just want to know if I'd get seasick cuz Nino gets that. (^_^) Maybe I'd get to know how bad he feels every time he boards a boat.

Q: There are a lot of questions here about Nino. What part of Nino do you like most?
A: Everything! What am I saying? (^_^) (Ohno shows his stuff with Nino's face pasted on it) Look at this. He put that there.(^_^) (Then he pointed out Nino's game console with a sticker of his face) We both have each other's faces stuck to our stuff.

Q: You two are very close. (^_^) Are there things that you haven't told your groupmates yet?
A: None, I guess. I tell them everything.

Q: If you were made to choose, who would you choose as the assistant leader of Arashi?
A: Well I don't really have a lot of work to require an assistant though. (^_^) But if I were to choose, I'd choose Sho. He's responsible and dependable.

Q: What's your favorite line from the song 'Everything'?
A: (This interview was done last summer) The song's beat is perfect for summer. It's light. My favorite line would be "Hashire! Hashire!" (Go! Run!) I feel good listening to it.

Q: You've starred in several dramas already ang you're hosting variety shows right now, do you watch the shows you appear in?
A: With dramas, production lets us watch the freshly edited takes. I like watching those cuz I get to understand the drama better. Sometimes I do watch our variety shows. (^_^)

Q: When and where do you memorize your lines?

A: Usually at home, in my room. There are times that I'd say the lines while practising, but I don't really know how I memorize my lines, it just happens. (^_^).

Q: There was a time that you said you wanted to be a host (as in from a host club) but you said that it seemed hard to be one because you had to know how to read women's thoughts.
A: Yes, I don't really know why but I did say that. The job seems interesting. (^_^)

Q: Do you know how to make women happy?
A: Of course... not! (^_^). I don't even know how to haggle! Women are too puzzling for me.

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