[ENG SUB] ANS 2012.07.28 - Arashi VS Kanjani8: Who Is The Real Johnny's Idol

Totally random subbing...

I don't sub according to date... I just sub according to what I watch first... : ) There's a mighty big chance that the videos I'm releasing have also been done by other fansubbers but that's fine. I may be wasting my time... Well, what a wonderful way to waste time! : ) Oh and sorry for the slow subbing pace. I'm sort of a one man team here. I sub, time, encode, and upload, do everything on my own.

Here's one of my favorite episodes of Arashi ni Shiyagare. Douzo~

Note: Some subtitles from the streamed videos are missing. I'll try to fix it and I will upload the fixed vid to a file storage site later. I'll post the links here once I've done that.

20120728 Rel Eng A-1 by arashiphile83

20120728 Rel Eng A-2 by arashiphile83

20120728 Rel Eng A-3 by arashiphile83

20120728 Rel Eng A-4 by arashiphile83

20120728 Rel Eng A-5 by arashiphile83

20120728 Rel Eng A-6 by arashiphile83  

20120728 Rel Eng A-7 by arashiphile83

20120728 Rel Eng A-8 by arashiphile83



Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this for a long time. Thanks so much for subbing. I hope you continue to sub!! ;D

Arashiphile said...

Thanks for the comment. :)

I'll try to sub for as long as I can.

maryj888 said...

Thank you for subbing and sharing. You have done all the non-japanese arashi fans a big favour :)

raghad said...

can you re-upload part 4 please

Giakinnie Park said...

Hi :) Thank you for subbing. Besides, can you do me a favor? I hope you can share me the softsub of the show, the english softsub. I know this is an unreasonable thing to ask, however, I actually just want to borrow your engsub and then sub the show again in my first language from your sub. I promise I will credit you fully, I'm just so desperate right now coz the arashi's subbing teams in my country are being ridiculously insular with sharing their productions. I really really hope you will reply me, even if you don't agree, please just reply me so I can know. Once again, thank you so so much, I know what I asked may be difficult to decide but please. Hope we can talk again :)

Mardiboy Kakharov said...

Please, can you re-upload parts 4 5 6 7 &8. They are not working for me/

Janine Q said...

D: AHHHH so SAD!!! Was watching but part 7 & 8 don't work anymore T__T awww
thanks for sharing anyway :'D

Little Lady said...

Half the links don't work anymore :(