Arashi turns 9 and still tops the charts

O man... I don't know how it is in Japan... I don't have any idea actually... But staying 9 years in the business is quite a difficult feat, let alone top the charts on their 9th year. That's truly amazing ne.

I don't know what Johnny does but he sure is a genius. Making us girls shell out cash (well, I haven't yet...) and die of poverty (but I think it'd be a happy death) for his guys. That guy's really smart eh. He definitely knows the trade. Okay, enough of Johhny.

On to my favorite bunch... So I've been a little sidetracked, gazing on a few kame, kawai fumito, uchi (i don't know his complete name), chinen yuuri stuff... Laughed at a cartoon Kat-tun episode because of Kame (who I think is also cute despite of my not liking him before due to his.. errr.. rather feminine attributes -- which I now find attractive)

I'm really amazed at how they kept their status (despite of a few bumps and nasties).
Here's a link to Oricon - (i think the chart is done daily so here' their current status)
Right now, Arashi's Truth/風 の 向こうへ is at number three, not bad but dropped from number one since last September 1.
Their other single "One Love" has also made its way to the top 20.
Outranked by Mr. Children, but I don't mind because I like the band as well.

It's just really amazing ne... That even though I was so late into the fandom, they're still hot and so up there.

I wish nothing else but more success and health for these guys. I hope that they'll continue infecting us with their happiness for a good 10 years more? lol... Err... maybe...

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