Hey Hey Hey 18.08.08

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The episode was amazing. It featured two people who Arashi thought were awesome. (I thought so too.)

First person they introduced was the guy who could play songs and jingles without any musical scores. He just has to listen to the song to be able to play it. That's what I call talent... Coz playing the piano can be learned.. I liked Super Mario and Windows XP...

The second one was a person who made a flute out of fish. (It sure did catch Ohno's attention. Anything "fishy" catches Ohno's attention ne)

They were amazing.

Favorite part:
When they talked about Ohno's dream.
Story goes like this. He received a call from Johnny. When he went to Johnny's office, he saw that the other 4 were there. So he was like "are?!" and then they all were encouraging him to go to college. (okashii na)...
Turns out that Riida lacked confidence in himself...

Hmmmm... I was thinking... Yeah... maybe going to college is something that's been going on in his mind. Yes, he's talented in a lot of things. But could it be that college is that one thing that's missing? So he can sing, draw, dance, act... But is it enough for him? Will finishing college be able to give him that confidence that he doesn't have? And doing Naruse Ryou might have affected him... He just played a lawyer... Maybe, a part of him wanted to be just like his character in Maou...

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