Happy 9th!!

I'm so so so late with this greeting but I still want to do it anyway. lol

おめでと ございます 嵐ーちゃん!!!

Go for an explosive tenth!! ^_^ Anyways, I'll be tugging along til Arashi's gonna reach that mark... or even farther than that...

Haiz... I never thought fangirling would be so fun...

Maybe as much as Arashi's thankful to their fans, I can't stress this enough... I'm doubly... no... I'm a million times more thankful to them for making themselves known to me. lols. They haven't just been a source of inspiration but they've also been bridges to some of (what I consider) as my treasured relationships with people whom I've met because of them.

I'm truly happy doing stuff for Arashi with the people who share the same interest. I love the fandom as much as I love Arashi.

Minasan, ganbate!!

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