Myu no Anyo, Papa ni Ageru

"Myu will give papa her legs"

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This is yet another role well played and yet another hair raising performance from Arashi's Matsumoto Jun.

To be completely honest, I had a hard time imagining Jun as a father. It's like a very remote possibility for the guy right now. But when I watched the drama, Jun as a father might actually work. lol. I mean he looked good with those long-sleeved shirts and balck pants -- very fatherly. In contrast to his daily styish clothes.

There's really nothing this guy can't play.

Hands down to his acting. He's really really good.

On to the story.
I think since the drama was aimed to have this effect, I'd share some of the things I learned.
The story was heartbreaking at first but inspiring towards the end. It was saying "Nothing is impossible especially if you put your heart into it." and "If there's a will, there's a way."
I also realized that we keep on complaining about life, about the tivial things that piss us off. But things could be a lot worse. So instead of complaining, we should just be grateful and count our blessings and work on the things that aren't readily provided for us.

Oh and before I even forget, this song was the one Karina sang in the karaoke, one of my favorite songs performed by Onitsuka Chihiro. どうぞ!!!

月光Gekkou - 鬼束ちひろOnitsuka Chihiro

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