Nino's 24-hour letter translation

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My take:
This letter made me wanna cry... Actually I was already in tears while reading it.

To note, the letter was so simple. Very different from Aiba's letter from 4 years ago. True, could be a sign of growth. But it could also be that Nino really has some difficulties laying down all his emotions. Even though it sounded like that, even though Nino put it out like that, I still felt the truth in every word he said.

I guess the best thing about Arashi is that throughout their 9 years, there's just so much love that it's overflowing and affecting us, fangirls. Maybe that's their charm.

This is also the first time I heard and read about staff and fangirls regarded as the 6th member of the group. Hey, those are feel good words for us, but I'm gonna take it to heart. Yeah!! I'm the 6th member of Arashi ne?!!

Being in this fandom isn't a piece of cake too. It's just like any other form of addiction. Coz we really don't have more than 24 hours to spend right? And with the 24 hours we have, it's almost not enough for us, to work, sleep, eat, go out and parteeh!!... Despite of that, we find time to support them in every way we can think of. I've seen several ways of how we do that, and man, it amazes me... Of course, fangirling isn't also easy on the pocket...

So it's kudos to both Arashi and their 6th member, the STAFF and FANS!!! がんばて ね!!!

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