Nino's Upcoming Dorama

Yes, it was like yesterday when we flailed for Ohno's drama. Now it's Nino's turn.

Title: 流星 の 絆 (Ryuusei no Kizuna)
English Title: Meteor Ties

Another drama worth watching. If it's a Kazunari drama, no doubt... It's gonna be good.

Which reminds me... Maybe I oughtta brace myself (I hope Nino and the rest of Arashi too...) for yet another hard blow from their detractors (and those who'd just want to join in on the popularity). I don't know how things would turn out... It's a NEWS and Arashi combi right now. And I must say that both Ryo and Nino have quite a large fanbase.

Nino's one of the greatest actors I've seen (that's without bias...). Even before I got into Arashi, I already had that opinion. And watching more of his dramas and movies just proved that I'm right.

Ryo is also a good actor. I've seen his drama "1 Liter of Tears"...

And they are both members of prominent Japanese boybands, both drool worthy, both loved by crazy fangirls.

I don't know. I would want to bet my life for a good rating on this drama but it would depend on who they're going against.

But it won't matter ne? I would definitely watch this...

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