I don't know how it happened but I just found myself liking another new band. My gosh. Johnny's really a genius.

What I've feared might have happened already...

KAT-TUN!! Why o why!! Kamenashi Kazuya's really so cute when he's laughing. Koki Tanaka's so so so so (mecha kawaii) cute when he's smiling. Taguchi is so hilarious!! Jin's awkwardness, shyness towards girls, his attitude of frequently cutting Maru and Taguchi off, his Do-S nature is so funny! And Ueda's meek and timid attitude is adorable. I adore them right now.

But of course, Arashi's still special. With KAT-TUN, there's no sense of ownership... I don't feel like owning them. With Arashi, every chance I get to own them, I'll definitely grab it. lol.

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