Arashi on what they wear

Whole post here: CLICKME (thanks thanks to the wonderful translator)

There's still a lot from the link up there, just quoting some of my favorites.

- he wears a yellow underwear, with 100,000,000 yen bills which he got from Ohno

- he prefers girls who wear jeans and sneakers. (I think what people want is a reflection of who they are? I mean if he likes simple girls then he's probably just a simple person -- well, that's just my opinion and I hope it's true)

- I don't care about the price. (Well, that's also a given fact ne? I think Jun and Nino are complete opposites when it comes to dressing up. As Jun said, he doesn't care how much an article of clothing costs but Nino values money over clother or anything else for that matter. lol. And I think for Jun, it's not just how the clothes fit but they should also look nice. While Nino doesn't really care how he looks with the clothes on as long as they're comfie. Im pretty much like Nino. I also don't care how the clothes look on me as long as I'm free to move, walk, or do whatever.)

- As for winter clothes, I have hesitations when shopping for some. They're quite expensive.
(It seems that Nino's not the only stingy person in Arashi. ^^,)

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