Johnny's Sports Events

I just finished downloading some of the Johnny's Sports events and got the time to watch some of them. I think I got to watch from year 1995 up to 1999.

A few days back, I also watched almost all of the Johnny's countdowns that were held.

It's amazing how Johnny's started from V6, Kinki Kids, SMAP, TOKIO, plus the Johnny's Juniors (who didn't rally stand out during the earlier years of JE because they weren't as well known as their senpais.)

Watching them made me think that it's pretty hard to imagine how Arashi got to where they are now. I know those videos were 10 years ago already but seeing them dance as back up dancers for the other bigger artists was like seeing the now Johnny's Juniors backing them up.

It's quite funny to see them just in the "background". While now, the spotlight's on them. They are the ones being backed up. They already host countdowns.

Imagine how popular the Juniors now will be in the future.

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Anonymous said...

where you get the video?
I also want to watch it.