Uta no Onii-san

きのうは ね、 「歌 の お兄さん」 が 始めました ね・ 

I'm really looking forward to watching it this weekend. I don't really have time to watch on weekdays so despite my overwhelming desire to watch it NOW, it'll have to wait til Saturday. Besides, it makes me wanna look forward to this week's end.

Lately, things have been so different. Days were dragging beyond what is enjoyable. I spent, what seems to be, the longest hours in the office. And pushing myself off the bed has become such a tiring chore. Maybe I'm going through another one of my negative peaks. I really hate it when I feel this way. It's like nothing can make me happy anymore. And I don't want that. I just want to be happy.

Anyway, maybe it's because my laptop's been away from me for so long that I can't watch a lot of Arashi right now. lol.

Anyhoo.... just a random outsurge of emotions. ^^,

By the way, I watched Binbo Danshi last night. It was really funny. ^^, random random

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