Johnny's Sports Event 2003

I love this sports fest most. Well, I haven't seen 2000-2002 yet. But I really like this.

Aiba is really a fast runner ne. And a good, actually very good, baseball player. He throws like he's got big buns on his arms (which, we all know he doesn't really have. ('w')) On top of that, Aiba has a different glow when he's standing on the batter's box. Batter box に たつ とき Aibaは 本当に かっこいく なる と 思えます。 (I think Aiba becomes cool and handsome when he stands on that box.)

Sakurai Sho sexy soccer. Seems that the letter 's' was meant for our dear Sho. ('v'). Hands down. He's a good soccer player. Seeing him kick and score makes me wanna melt.

From Ohno: "僕は ね、 サッカーを やきゅうも できないんです。” Along with the expression on his face, I found this statement very very funny. It was like he was admitting that "I can't play soccer nor baseball" with dignity.

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hey. do you have the download link for johnny's sport day 2003? thanks