My Own QnA

Well, I decided to make my own QnA lol. Dear you, whoever got lost in here you can answer it too if you like. ^^,... Owaranai shitsumon to kotae. (literal. lol) Endless QnA. But it won't be like a meme... it will be like a more 'hypothetical' QnA.

1 - Can you imagine Arashi appearing at your workplace/at your doorstep?
-- Actually, last night, I was imagining a scene where Arashi enters our office looking kinda lost. First, Nino and Jun enter. I think I felt how I'd feel if it was actually true. I could smell them. lol. I can picture them entering the office clearly. Nino looks around while Jun walks beside him. They both look a little lost. It's more obvious in Nino's face. Jun, on the other hand doesn't lose his smile. He walks in smiling. lol. Weird? hehe. weird.

2. Who is Arashi to you?
-- Arashi is one of the reasons why I think life is happy. (Right now). They make me look forward to weekends, to holidays, to paydays. They are my stress busters. I love them. But I'm not in love with them. Reality bites. Even though I'm hoping against all hopes to be at least blessed with the opportunity of being with one of them, it's really like almost impossible. I'm pretty aware with that. But it doesn't stop me from doing what I love doing: making sure to see them at least once a day. (lol).

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