Johnny's of the Week

Because I had some free time last Christmas break, I decided to make a Johnny's of the week post in here. I just want to remember who I thought were cute at a certain period of time or whoever caught my attention. Those stuff. Since I'm an Arashi fangirl, there might be a lot of Arashi popping up here.

Week 1
Kamenashi Kazuya desu!!! Sorry but I really do love the "kono chiisana machi de, kono toki wo ikite" part of KAT-TUN's song "Bokura no Machi de". I know it's a little old but after watching "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi" starred by Kazuya, I can't just get enough of the guy. And his voice is really soothing ne. How should I put it? His voice is cool... When he sings, it's like all the notes coming out of his mouth, throat, vocal chords are all pleasing to the ears.

Week 2
Matsuoka Masahiro!!! It's been quite some time since I watched "Yasuko to Kenji" and "Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Otoko" but I still like Matsuoka Masahiro. Usually I forget about them once I move on to other dramas but his face just keeps on popping out everywhere. Especially when I got to watch the previous Johnny's countdowns. Being one of the oldest Johnny's talents, I think TOKIO's been present since the very first countdown to the last. So everytime I see TOKIO, no fail, his face stands out. lol. But watching him in the other Johnny's sports events made me look up to him more coz it's only now that I know that he's such a fast runner.

For this week, I think I have 2 Johnny's of the week. The second would be Aiba Masaki!!! As I've said, I've been watching the previous Johnny's sports events. I don't really care if a guy can do sports or not. I don't require it as a criteria for me to like someone. But being good at something impresses me. The last Johnny's sports event that I watched already had Arashi in it. But they were still amongst the Juniors. They weren't given a grand entrance yet. It was still TOKIO, KINKI KIDS, and V6 who were in convertibles while being introduced. Anyhoo, during the 500-meter dash, I saw that Aiba's raelly quite a sprinter. He's good. He's fast. ^^, He's impressive. ^^,

Week 3
Sakurai Sho desu!
I discovered a lot of stuff about Arashi after watching the recent Johnny's sports fests. I think the best thing that I learned is, Sho's a really great soccer player. I think it's pretty cool. (^v^)

Akanishi Jin desu!
I have 2 again for this week. Akanishi because he's also really good at soccer. (^v^) If Sho and Jin were soccer players, I think they won't stand out. But they're not soccer players. They are actors/singers/dancers/artists...

Week 4
I think for this week, it's still Akanishi Jin. I know a lot of people aren't fond of him. Yes he's a bit "arrogant"-looking. But he does seem to be a nice guy. Well, I don't really know him personally but I think he's just misunderstood. I mean the guy is confident with himself. He knows that he's gorgeous. Somehow, I'm not annoyed that he acts as if he knows that a lot of people are screaming for him.
Anyway, here's what got me into liking Akanishi:
Akanishi screams... but why? If you're an Akanishi fan, I bet you know. ^..^
Akanishi screams again... but why? *Kame's a spoiled brat. ^..^ Maru's a good ani.
Akanishi shouts 'saiaku' this time I wonder how he feels when people do that to him. I think 'saiaku = mean'. So Jin shouts 'you're so mean' to the host. lol.

Week 5
If I ever skipped a week, it doesn't matter. For the past weeks, I'm back to feeding my Arashi cravings. So for this week, I have two favorite JEs, both from the same band (~.~) Arashi!!!

So for this week, I think I fell in love with Ohno Satoshi and Ninomiya Kazunari again. These two are my top favorites among all of JE artists. But I also have the 3 following behind them. It's just when I have to choose my real favorite, I'd say Nino first then Ohno. I can't express how much I love them. I big love them. lol. hontou no ai? daisuki? mecha mecha na ai? lol. nan to iu, wakaranai. demo, jitsu wa, sono futari wo totemo totemo rabu desu. ^^,

Week 6
This week, I stll have Ninomiya Kazunari as my Johnny's of the week. Hmmmm... Ohno too. I love them both. Really. It's a bit difficult to love just one from Arashi. (So I guess I have to say that I love them all right now. As in really...) Anyway, I wasn't able to watch any new Arashi show lately, except for the Arashi no Shukudaikun episode with Nagase. And I really love Nino's hair. He looks so young and healthy lately. I mean while Ryuzei no Kizuna was running, I think Nino looked so tired. The dark circles under his eyes were standing out and he looked rather tired and stressed out. But now, his skin looks better, his hair suits him just right...

O okay so it's Arashi for this week. And I can't wait for my "Believe/ Kumori Nochi Kaisei" to arrive. I'll have it on the 10th of March (yeah, quite delayed and a little more expensive than buying it straight from the record bar instead so I hope the record bars here would already sell some JE goods!!!). That'll mark my year old addiction for Arashi. ^^, yatta!!! I'm already a year old fangirl. Well I can't compare to those who have been supporting Arashi since the group started (hands down to them) but I'm still proud. It's quite an achievement for me on my part because I really find it hard sticking to a hobby. Well, I know I'm going to get tired of this or maybe I'll eventually let go of this but so far, this is the longest staanding hobby I've had. ^^,

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