Music Japan Ranking

Last night, I was already about to sleep. I left the TV on at NHK and was already about to sleep when I heard "sora ni kagayaku yo kirari..."... I sat up as quick as I can and saw Arashi's single cover on the screen. It was Music Japan's top 10 songs for the year 2008.

at number 10 was "Beautiful Days". So I thought it was the only song in that countdown. But I thought to myself, it's impossible that "One Love" isn't in the countdown. My patience paid off. After 7 more songs, at number 2 wasone of HYD's theme songs - "One Love". But that wasn't the last one either. Because Arashi still claimed the top spot with Ohno's drama Maou's theme song - "Truth".

10 -- Beautiful Days
. as usual
. not listing non-Arashi
. songs ^,^
2 -- One Love
1 -- Truth

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