Jun's Impersonator gets a name

Now, Jun's impersonator gets a name. I realized that I knew his name before, I just forgot.

Jun's 'fanboy' as I'd love to call him coz he loves to flatter our dear Matsumoto is A.B.C.-Z's KAWAI FUMITO. ^^,

Last night, I was already asleep. But I set my phone's alarm on 10:00 PM. It was the time I thought Shounen Club would air. I don't really know what happened but I woke up 9:15 and saw Maru's face on the screen. My pulse rate rose and I just instantly sat up to watch.

I now love the show.

Anyway, last night's highlights (IMO)
1 - Kawai Fumito does Jun again.
This guy really loves imitating Jun's dance. Actually they were in a game, 2 groups of three people each. I don't know the other contestants. Kawai's the only guy I know. But I'm in the process of knowing them you know. I just know that the other team had someone from kis-my-ft.2. The part where Kawai danced was with the "moshimo..." question... He answered "moshi mo... I danced the Matsu-Jun way and sang *someone else's name*'s way" and did just that. It was so hilarious I was laughing my a** off.

2 - Ja, itte kore. Sayonara janai yo ne. Mata iru kara. English interpretation: "Before I go, let me say this. This isn't goodbye, you know. We'll see each other again."
I knew, even with just a few keys or notes, it was Arashi's "Typhoon Generation". They made the two guys say Nino's line "ja, itte kore. Sayonara janai yo ne. Mata iru kara." They were both god but I think the original's still way better. ^^, *B-I-A-S-E-D*

3 - Johnny's Juniors' favorite songs.
Sadly, no one chose Arashi's songs. ^n^

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