Johnny's Q&A3

001: How old are you?
-- a little old. same age as Jun and Nino. ^^,

002: Gender?
-- female

003: Location?
-- Here.

004: First JE group exposure?
-- Gokusen was the very first drama I watched with a JE guy in it. (that was the first jdorama I watched. ^..^)

005: When you first heard of JE, did you hesitate to fangirl them?
-- hell NO! Why would I?! I love Arashi to bits and at that time that I realized I could already be considered a fangirl, I embraced that truth willingly! ^w^

006: Well, are you addicted to them now?
-- okay. Yes. I admit I'm already addicted.

007: Current favorite debuted JE group?

008: Current least favorite debuted JE group?
-- I don't have one. I love all the debuted JE groups.

009: Favorite Junior?
-- Ikuta Toma. (He's still a junior, right?). But if he's not included, Kawai Fumito would be my next favorite.

010: Least favorite Junior?
-- I don't actually know them all so I don't really know if there's someone that I'd find not likable.

011: Favorite Junior group?
-- I'm a bit confused with this. Didn't HSJ debut already? Anyway, I only know Kis My Ft.2 and A.B.C.-Z and I don't even know the members that well so I don't have one.

012: Least favorite Junior group?
-- none. Same reason as in 011.

013: Who is your favorite debuted Johnny?
-- Arashi Arashi for dream.

014: Least favorite debuted Johnny?
-- N-0-N-E

015: Do you own JE merchandise?
-- errrr, sadly, no. Do I

016: Who comprise your OTP?
-- every possible Arashi combination and Akame.

017: Nakajima and Yuuto are. . .
A)two different people
B)the same person
C) Who is Nakajima?
D) Who is Yuuto?
E) Who are Nakajima AND Yuuto?
-- E...

018: Have you ever had a JE dream?
-- it's pretty impossible to not dream about the people you think about 24/7 right? ooops. busted.

019: What would you rate that dream? And if you've had more than one, choose your favorite.
-- safe! Very safe. I think my favorite would be that with MatsuJun and I asked him to take pictures with me.

020: Which Johnny makes the best boyfriend material?
-- hmmmm... quite hard to answer! Well I think MatsuJun is an ideal boyfriend. And Taguchi also looks like he's serious when it comes to love. Nakamaru too...

021: Which Johnny is the biggest wuss?
-- Who is the biggest wuss? I can't think of one. I think all of them are either strong physically or personality wise.

022: . . . which Johnny is the next Johnny?
-- Nakai Masahiro? lol. I can't think of one. Of course, he'd have to be the senpai of all senpais. And SMAP's like Chinen's granpas. lol.

023: Which Johnny is the next big thing?
-- Next big thing to who? I think Arashi, KAT-TUN, NEWS are the next big thing then that's now's big thing. Now's next big thing would be... I think "Hey! Say! Jump!"

(following 24-29 are based on looks and not personality)
024: Takki or Tsubasa?
-- ts... Takki's face, Tsubasa's body.

025: Kame or Jin?
-- hard hard hard... Kame.

026: Shoon or Taiyou?
-- Who?

027: Ueda or Ryo?
-- Ryo

028: Uchi or Kusano?
-- Uchi

029: Jimmy Mackey or Joey Tee?
-- Are they still with JE?

030: . . . what are your thoughts on Joey Tee?
-- None. I dunno him.

031: Did you know he has a MySpace?
-- kankei nai!

032: . . . if Jimmy Mackey had a MySpace, would you friend him?
-- if I knew Arashi's MySpace, I'd friend them.

033: Do you have a MySpace?
-- no

034: Skinniest?
-- Ninomiya Kazunari and Nakamura.

035: Fattest?
-- fat? I've never seen a fat Johnny's.

036: Nicest boobs chest?
-- Ohno Satoshi's and Sakurai Sho's.

037: Best dancer?
-- Ohno Satoshi

038: Worst dancer?
-- no one. They were all trained to dance and sing right?

039: Manliest?
-- Tanaka Koki.

040: Girliest?
-- Ueda

041: Cutest?
-- Chinen Yuuri

042: Scariest?
-- I'm scared of Matsuoka Masahiro and Nagasa Tomoya. They look scary right? Their eyes say "don't you dare look at me that way or I'll eat you!!".

043: Best singer?
-- Tegomassu, Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Kinki Kids

044: Worst singer?
-- in some songs, it's MatsuJun. But he's okay in most of their songs.

045: Smartest?
-- I think Sho's a well opinionated guy. Nino and Jun are also oozing with wit and smartness. Who else? Nakamaru too.

046: Dumbest?
-- No one.

047: Favorite PV?
-- Arashi's "Happiness"

048: Least favorite PV?
-- None.

049: Most in need of a haircut?
-- I haven't seen much of them lately. But if Aiba still has that permed slightly long hair, then he's the one in need of a haircut.

050: Do you watch JDoramas?
-- yes.

051: . . . JDoramas without a JE member?
-- yes. I also like Oguri Shun and Koike Teppei (they're not JE)

052: What is your favorite JDorama?
-- YTM, HYD1&2 and a lot moooooooooore.

053: What was your first JDorama?
-- Gokusen I.

54: Did your first JDorama have a JE member?
-- Jun. But not Jun-baited.

055: Do you have a favorite JE "actor"?
-- yup

056: Who is the best JE actor?
-- Nino, Jun (especially in Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru), Kamenashi Kazuya

057: . . . the worst?
-- no one.

058: If you were a JE costume designer, would you keep up the gaudy, sparkly tradition?
-- those costumes are JE talents trademarks. If they aren't wearing those feathery, sparkly, bright colored coats, it would feel like the people in front of me aren't Johnny's. I'll stick to the tradition and make them even look flashier.

059: The song, Kizuna. Better by Kame alone or better in a group?
-- I only know Kame's version.

060: Did you see DREAM BOY 2004 starring Takizawa Hideaki?
-- nope but I'm going to.

061: How about DREAM BOYS 2006?
-- nope.

062: Which JE group has the best concerts?
-- I think the best concerts happen when all of Johnny's gather in one stadium. That's when I think I've got all the best in front of my eyes!

063: Word association- mayonnaise sandwich?
-- massu...?

064: Word association- Johnny:
-- SMAP, TOKIO, Kinki Kids, Tackey n Tsubasa, V6, Arashi, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8, Ikuta Toma, Juniors... Who else?

065: Word association- Jin:
-- soccer

066: Word association- lipsync:
-- hmmm.. no one.

067: Favorite JE song?
-- Arashi- Koe
-- Nino - Niji

068: Least favorite JE song?
-- there are some that I don't really like to listen to.

069: Which JE boy needs plastic surgery next? And for what?
-- next? who was the first? no one.

070: Which Johnny do you want to bang? how about bang pose?

071: Would you bang him if he had crabs?
072: How about Herpes?
073: . . . HIV or AIDs?


-- is Johnny's a record label? I think JStorm and Jone are but JE is a talent agency isn't it? Because Arashi used to be under Pony Canyon. Err... I can't compare.

075: . . . why?
-- They're of different categories... I think.

076: Do you like wFL (w-inds., FLAME, Lead)?
-- who?

077: Which did you come in contact with first, PC or JE?
-- JE. I knew that Arashi was with JE and when I started researching about their history, I found out that after their debut, they signed a contract with Pony Canyon. But, I think in 2001, JE put up its own record label named "JStorm" especially for Arashi. Consequently, they moved to their mother company's record label.

078: Do you know what a macro is?
-- bigger than micro? lol. I don't have an idea.

079: . . . have you ever made one?
-- errr... I guess not.

080: . . . did it refer to anal sex?
-- if it is then 079: definitely not.

081: Have you ever had a conversation entirely in caps?
-- i feel that it's rude.

082: . . . more than one at the same time?
-- no.

083: Does fangirling tire you?
-- it rejuvinates me. Work and daliy life wears me out. But JE makes me want to keep on going!

084: Have you spent more than 5 consecutive hours watching JE stuff?
-- even more.

085: . . . do you find yourself watching your JE downloads?
-- always.

086: . . . for more than 10 minutes at a time?
-- longer

087: Have you ever gone over the daily 1GB SendSpace limit by just downloading JE?
-- even bought a megaupload account.

088: Are you immune to the porno popups of MegaUpload?
-- fortunately not.

089: Do you know exactly what time to download things so you get the best download rate?
-- i leave the computer on.

090: Does this survey make you feel like an obsessed freak?
-- not really.

091: Have you and a friend ever fought over whose favorite Johnny was better?
-- nope. I only have the chance to talk to those with the same interest as me.

092: . . . did you resort to slaps and/or punches and/or hairpulling?

093: Have you been to a JE concert?
-- mada

094: Wanna smuggle me in next time?
-- if I knew who you were.

095: What do you think of kitty GYM?
-- >l<

096: What are your feelings on JE wank?
-- nani?

097: Did you ever see a guy on the street and go "Hey, he would look good in ____'s costume from ____ performance..."?
-- huh?

098: . . . did you take his picture, and can I see?
-- huh?

099: Do you read JWebs?
-- sometimes.

100: Whose is your favorite?
-- not JE's.

101: What would you do if you saw your favorite JE boy on the street?
-- try to approach him.. if I can!

102: Has a JE song ever made you cry?
-- boku ga boku no subete almost made me cry. Coz I like it very much.

103: Which?
-- which?

104: What would you like to say to Johnny?
-- please let me be the only girl member of Arashi!!! lol

105: And finally, the gayest?
-- offensive. Gay as in happy, bubbly. Aiba n Taguchi.

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