How I fell in love with Ohmiya

My addiction for Arashi would have been cut short if it weren't for these two.

I don't know how I really started liking the pairing but my memory can only go as far as the Ohmiya kiss they did while doing an "Ohmiya" skit in one of their concerts. When I watched the fancam of this moment, I held my breath and contained the scream that wanted to escape my mouth.

From that moment on, I wanted more of the pairing until I was sucked deeper into the fandom. So I guess I owe my addiction to all the fanvids I've watched -- the videos that almost convinced me that "Ohmiya" was a single entity and which almost made me forget that Ohno and Nino were different entities. lol, to all the interviews I've read boasting of their love (I don't care if it's an on-the-record, on-screen, for-the-fans-only kind of thing. What matters is that these two definitely have chemistry.)

I'm looking forward to more Ohmiya. ^^,

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