Boys Love

Once again, I was burning my eyes off at youtube last night. But this time, most of the videos I watched were KAT-TUN's. I think I'm really addicted to JE already.

Usually, I just type 'KAT-TUN' or 'Arashi' on the search box and click randomly once the search results come out. So last night, my string of clicking led me to this video entitled "girls talk about akame". I was like "Oh, okay." I was thinking it was something about Akanishi and Kame as separate individuals. I never thought that they'd actually talk about "THE AKAME" pair on tv. I thought Akame was only for us fans.

They were talking about "BL", actually which led to the well-known duo "Akame".

Here's how the interview went: (from how I understood it... ^..^)
Host: "You seem to be very fond of 'BL' and 'mousou = fantasy'. What does 'BL' mean?
Lady1: "ボイス ラブ やく で。 美しい 男性同士 の 恋愛”
"[BL means] 'Boys Love'. It's what we use to call [beautiful] love between men."
Host 2: (I didn't really get what he said because a girl 'eeeee-ed' in the background.)
I think it was:
"恋愛を どうするんですか?”
    "What do you do with that 'love'?"
Lady1: "妄想 するんです。”
    "We imagine stuff from that."
Host2: "じゃ、 Kamenashiくん と Akanashiくん が。。。”
   " So Kamenashi and Akanishi are..."
Ladies: (Altogether "kyaaaaaa!!!") (I can just imagine this interview in a dome with all of KAT-TUN's fans. Broken glass everywhere, fangirls fainting, fangirls having massive nosebleeds. lol. And I'd bet if I were there, I would have lost a pint or so of blood already...)

** I have to do this some other time ** Anyway, here's the link: Clicker

First of all, this somehow cleared my mind. I'm not the only one who's dellusional. hekhek. I know that fans scream for Johnny's pairings. But I wasn't aware that there's this thing that they call "boys love". To make it clearer, in that interview, the interviewees were Japanese ladies right? So I was like "o, so they too feel that way.". I was kinda relieved that it was somehow 'normal' as a fangirl to like 'boys love'. And they mentioned that they created fantasies from what they see. Not necessarily sexual fantasies, I think.

I dunno. I really can't explain what's going on in my mind.

Errr... Let me put it this way. The pairing that I adore most is Ohno plus Nino (Ohmiya). Before I knew Arashi, a man falling for another man somewhat creeps me out. (No offense meant. Promise. I'm not anti-homosexuality or bi-sexuality. I'm totally open to same sex relatonships. It's just that I'm not used to seeing two men being so touchy with each other.) And it's also not something that I usually see. The first time I saw this thing that they call "boys love" was when I started watching Japanese stuff.

So the first few times that I saw what they call "skinship = touching each other everywhere" between two men, I was like... "what the hell?" lol. Sorry but that's a little exaggerated. The men I'm used to seeing go only as far as hanging their arms over another's shoulder. I'm not used to seeing acts of affection towards other males.

Ohmiya shocked me a bit. What shocked me? Hmmmm.... First, the Ohmiya kiss... That was like shocking. And.... and they acted like they were doing it 'for their fans = fanservice'. I asked myself "If that's for the fans, does it mean the fans like it?"... Basing on how the fans screamed the moment Ohmiya stood in front of each other and motioned as if they were about to kiss each other (which after a few seconds they did) I then received the confirmation that the fans liked it.

It was weird. I would want Ohno or Nino for myself. But why does it feel that they are perfect for each other? And how did it start? Is it really a part of their culture? Coz it looks like it does.

Coz here, you'll be beaten to death by acting that way. Seriously.

And... and... I'd like to note this... Here, men tend to do what makes them 'manlier'... But the way I see Arashi and the other Japanese artists, for that matter,they tend to do what makes them less 'manlier'.... Like shave their brows (which Leah Dizon noticed and said when she guested in a Cartoon Kat-tun episode), wear make up, wear girls' clothes (Nino in some of his shoots), wear girls' sandals (in some of Arashi's photoshoots).

(Yeah, I really got them all jumbled up in my mind. lol)
Anyway, to sum it all up, this thing they call 'boys love' is somewhat new to me. But as shocking as it may sound, I appreciate it more than the normal thing (boy-girl love). And it's like I'm treating Ohno and Nino as a couple already. I can't even imagine them liking women. (Sad truth?)... So I guess, I'm into the 'mousou' thing the girls mentioned in the video. I'm already tangled up in the web of fantasies.

Whew... One long post... ^^,

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